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Fast EV Charge Station for Commercial location.

Input Voltage:        AC 380v +/- 15%

Output Voltage:    200v-750v

Communication:   Ethernet/3g/4g

Protection Level:   IP54

Billing Method:      Efficacy/Timed  RFID

Cable Length:        5 meters (Longer size available)

Rated Power:         160kw-240kw

Output Current:     200A - 250A

Operating Temperature:   -25c - +55c      Air cooled system

Charging Mode:     4 Kinds of Connection. Multi-Vehicle

Display Screen:     7 inch 

Car Types:                EV Car. Multi-Connection

** Contact Sales if need a different style or customizing.

Hexmio EV Fast Charge

Excluding Sales Tax
  • 2-3 weeks after purchase due to manufacturing, Testing, Packaging and Shipping.  Free Shipping to local states to California

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